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Full Professor, Dept. of Information Engineering (DEI), The University of Padua and part-time Research Scientist at ISIB-CNR
Fields of activity: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Distributed Computing


Enrico Pagello received a "Laurea in Ingegneria Elettronica" at The Univ. of Padua on 1973. From '73 till '83, he has been a Research Associate at the Inst. on  Biomedical Eng. of the National Research Council of Italy, where now he is a part-time collaborator.

Since '83 he has been a member of the Faculty of Engineering of The Univ. of Padua, where is now a Professor of Computer Science at the Dept. of Information Eng.

During 77-78, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Lab. of A. I. of Stanford Univ. He has visited regularly the Dept of Precision Engineering of The Univ. of Tokyo, since 1994.

He has been a General Chair of the Sixth Int. Conf. on Intelligent Autonomous Systems held in Venice on July 2000, and of RoboCup-2003, held in Padua on July 2003.

He is a President of the Intelligent Autonomous Society, and a Vice-President of the RoboCup Int. Federation. He is also a Vice-President of the Italian Association of Robotics and Automation.

His current research interests are on applying Artificial Intelligence to Robotics with particular regards to the Multi-robot Systems field.

Department of Information Engineering, (DEI)
Faculty of Engineering, The University of Padua
Via Gradenigo 6/a, I-35131 Padova, Italy
Ph. +39-049-827.7687 Fax +39-049-827.7799/7687
E-mail epv@dei.unipd.it


Institute of Biomedical Enginering of the National Research Council (ISIB-CNR)
Corso Stati Uniti 4, I-35127 Padova, Italy
Ph. +39-049-829.5784 Fax +39-049-829.5763
E-mail Enrico.Pagello@isib.cnr.it