Uncertainty, Vagueness and Knowledge

Real-world information is inescapably incomplete, uncertain, vague, imprecise, inconsistent. However, intelligent systems, either natural or artificial, do manage to build Knowledge out of such information, and to use it to perform meaningful tasks.
The study of the mathematical foundations and methodologies that underlie this process is the objective of a large scientific community. Such foundations rely on precise mathematical definitions, as probabilities, possibilities, belief functions, imprecise probabilities, fuzzy sets.
However, two main problems are still open:
  • how do these different approaches integrate with each other?
  • how do we define reasoning schemas (logics) consistent with the real-world information in its different aspects?
The purpose of this site is to provide a discussion forum on these topics.

Pages prepared by Gaetano Chemello and Claudio Sossai, ISIB-CNR, Italy
Last Update: May 7, 2004